Volunteers are welcome! Your help can make it possible for many to receive the care they need and in a timely fashion.

JSCF seeks to improve our job readiness and discipleship classes so that we can increase the kingdom of God while helping folk to self-sufficiency. Over the past years we have partnered with many organizations to increase our visibility and sustainability. Presently our collaborators provide us with technical support, in-kind donations and sponsorship. We also received funds from state, federal and private sources as well as our yearly fundraising events.

JSCF’s method of evaluation is to develop the appropriate evaluation techniques, determine measurements of performance and determine the criteria for satisfactory performance for each individual. Our newest project “NEWNESS OF LIFE”. We stand on the same principles written in our mission and vision statements and hold firmly to our mantra “Each One~Reach One” and we invite you to join us in helping those at-risk and in great need!

Info About Volunteering

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Your generosity makes it happen

If you are unable to donate a little time, how about supporting our efforts to end homelessness in Atlanta with a generous donation. Donate Today