JSCF strives to empower the ex-offender, veterans and the homeless through information and education, along with emotional and faith-based support that will strengthens our way of life.


For development of a “Good Works” attitude. The emphasis is positive and dedicated participation as well as volunteering in the community

Case Management

Our focus is on housing, education, employment and program completions for all clients. We direct and refer our clients to resources available throughout the community.


Facilities and home life are essential to the successful transitioning of ex-offenders and offenders and to homeless population regardless of disposition.

Skill Development

Our curriculum provides a platform for skills development essential to maintaining intermediate range employment, and having a successful family life.

Spiritual Counseling

Clergy and laymen alike will share in development and administering the spiritual counseling curriculum. Bible study (optional) is offered to all participants.

Re-Entry Program

We support, coach and mentor you through the development of independent living skills, such as budgeting, employment or shopping.