J.S.C.F., Inc. believes if Each (One) person Reaches (One) individual, the world would be in divine order- Rev. Barbara Williams

“Jesus Set The Captive Free provides housing, food and clothing, as well as, referral for the homeless and homeless veteran men. Rev. Williams is the founder of Jesus Set The Captive Free since it's inception Dec. 2001 she has opened two transitional houses and she stated that being saved, marriage, a mother, grandmother and great grand are her greatest blessings. Rev. Williams has received numerous awards and certificates for her effort.

Help for our Veterans

Only two forces have ever given their lives for us; Jesus Christ for our Salvation, and the American Soldier for our Freedom.

  1. 67,000 Veterans are homeless on any given day
  2. 23% of the homeless population are veterans
  3. 47% are the Vietnam Era Vets
  4. 67% have served 3 - 7 years or more
  5. 89% have received an Honorable Discharge
  6. 76% experience alcohol, drug or mental health problems