JESUS SET THE CAPTIVE FREE, INC. (JSCF) is a faith-based non-profit Christian organization designed to prevent and end homelessness. We were established in December 2001, housing homeless men who were once incarcerated.

It became painfully clear that incarceration and the cycle of recidivism are indicators of a weak value system and lack of faith-based mentoring. We received our 501(c) (3) tax-exempt advance ruling in April 2006. One of our homes is in the Capitol View area of Atlanta, housing 2 families was re-opened March 1, 2012. In 2008 we leased 2 apartment units in Summerdale Commons Apartment Complex – housing 6 men up to a 2-year stay. This year we have housed 34 men, 5 were Veterans, 10 received Social Security Benefits, 20 found permanent housing and were placed at various job sites. We also have life skill classes to assist them with a productive life. J.S.C.F., Inc. offers Spiritual Mentoring and Counseling as well as transportation services. J.S.C.F., Inc. believes if each person reaches one individual, the world would be in divine order. We empower our clients with information and education, along with emotional and faith-based support that will strengthen their lives breaking the cycle of recidivism and homelessness.


Chair (Open)

Vice Chair Carlton AB Jackson

Secretary Diane Smith

Assistant Secretary Eldoris Westin

Treasurer Avery Jones

Spiritual Advisor Annie Womack

Chaplain Willie Williams



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